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Self Care: Why those with chronic Illness avoid it

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

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self care

Self Care: Did you know its common for women with chronic illness to put self care on the back burner? Or even unconsciously avoid it?




*Cant say no

Sound familiar?

I see it often. I see it in the women in my personal life and my clients who tell me ‘I just don’t have the time’.

Heck, that was me until my own illness pushed me to face my self sabotaging ways. This is still something I have to ‘check myself’ about often because I know I can so easily fall back into that trap. What I now know is this lack of self care stems from certain experiences and trauma that occured during my childhood.

I can always pick the women who have autoimmune before they speak a word about their health.

Why? Because they are either the overachievers, the ‘nothings ever good enough’ or their always putting other peoples needs before their own. When I begin to discuss the idea of self care or taking the time to tune inwards and focus on how THEY are feeling, what the true EMOTION is behind their flare up, they stress out about the prospect of taking even 15 minutes for themselves.

And no, the type of self care I’m talking about does not involve going to the gym and partaking in strenuous exercise. Whilst those activities have their own benefits, I often find this is something that must be reduced in my autoimmune patients in order to switch the nervous system out of the cortisol pumping fight or flight state and into our para-sympathetic state of relaxation. Im talking aboutInternal reflection &self enquiry.

About becoming still... Stillness not just through your physical body but stillness of the mind. My favourite way to flick a switch on the nervous system is through deep breathing, what we call pranayama in yoga.

I truly believe that Illness is what happens when women, the nurturers of humanity, forget how to nurture themselves!

Wonderful women, if you just can’t find the time now, I am wondering when it will EVER be time to focus on our own wellbeing and fulfilment. When will it ever be time to truly heal.

* Sit down with your favourite herbal tea and just breathe.

* Take the time to write in your journal.

* Go to that yin yoga class you keep putting off.

Let go of the excuses and let in the change and healing that you so desperately need.

If you would like to find out how I can help you shift your beliefs and thought patterns, click here to book your first consultation.

With love,

Alysha xx

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