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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Do you experience headaches, sinus pain, fatigue, hoarseness, confusion, shortness of breath, dizziness, memory problems or throat swelling (just to name a few) when you are exposed to strong smells? Especially any odour that contain chemicals?

Some of my patients with MCS cannot enter a hair salon, nail salon, candle shop, go down the washing isle of supermarkets, be exposed to sprayed deodorant or any other strong smells, sometimes even essential oils can trigger those who are highly sensitive.

I have also found there is a link between MCS and Breast Implant Illness. For some reason the breast implant toxicity seems to push patients over the edge and their immune system becomes dysregulated and sensitive to odours.

Most MCS patients can trace their onset of symptoms to a major acute chemical exposure or a long-term lower level chronic chemical exposure, such as pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals and in this case breast implants!

MCS can also occur after viral or other illnesses including MOLD exposure or after hormonal changes such as pregnancy. What has become clear is that neuroinflammation and glutamate excitation are impact triggered by chemicals entering the central nervous system through the olfactory bulb, and that these contribute in part to the inflammatory process. This should not be surprising, given that the chemicals used as pesticides, solvents, petrochemicals, antiseptics and plasticisers (to nominate just a few) are toxic and largely untested in humans.

Recently I suspected one of my patients to have MCS after explant surgery, potentially triggered by the surgery itself or the general anaesthetic that pushed her already weakened immune over the edge. This particular patients symptoms actually manifested as a choking sensation and throat swelling.

I personally have MCS and know how debilitating it can be. My sensitivity has improved significantly post explant and natural treatment but I still can’t walk into those nail salons without my sinus pain and headaches letting me know about it.

So, how do we treat MCS? As usual, its complicated. The first thing you need to do is ensure you have NO exposure to all odours that set off your symptoms.

Detoxification is of course of paramount importance, this includes diet, treating the gut, herbal medicine and specific nutrients that assist the liver. My personal favourite is N-acetylcysteine.

Do you experience these symptoms? Have you heard about multiple chemical sensitivity? If you would like to chat more about a personal approach to treating your individual symptoms click here to book in for a consultation with Alysha.

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