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Health Philosophy

Afters years of study and practice, my approach is a little different. 


I can say with certainty there is a link between physical dis-ease, our mind, emotions and childhood experiences.


Health does not only involve a good diet and regular exercise but also a look into what mental and emotional roadblocks might inhibit your goals. This approach to healing allows us to dig deep and address the underlying cause of your physical symptoms. This is the approach that I have found achieves long lasting results in my patients. 


    • Gut health and healing

Why the gut? The gut contains 75-85% of our immune system and we see this as being significant if we want to get to the root cause of any immune related disorders. This includes autoimmunity, chronic illness, fatigue, pain hormonal imbalances and mood disorders. 

    • Food as medicine

I believe that there is no one diet that suits everyone, your diet plan is modified to meet your individual needs.  We comprehensively assess and address your digestion, the integrity of your gut function, and any nutritional deficiencies. 

    • Herbal Medicine

 Herbs are nature’s gifts to us and work synergistically to help our bodies back into balance. They are one of my favourite ways of tailoring treatment to suit your specific emotional and physical biochemistry.

    • Optimising the body processes 

We undertake a biochemical approach that may incorporate researched, quality testing and minimal nutrient therapy (supplements) to support the body’s processes such as methylation and detoxification.


My Approach Prioritises:
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