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If you have landed here you probably..

Feel anxious and confused thinking about your fertility journey.

Go into a downward spiral every month when your period returns.

Feel like its taking forever to fal
l pregnant and wondering if it will ever happen for you.

Feel co
nfused about how to improve your egg quality and partner sperm health.

Feel frustrated and unsure what 
you need to do to balance your hormones and cycle.

Are tired of taking handfuls of fertility supplements that seem to be doing very little, wondering if they are the right supplements for you.

If this sounds like you then take a deep breath and repeat after me:

I trust my body's ability to conceive and maintain a pregnancy.

Here are the facts

Unfortunately, 1 in 6 couples are struggling with infertility and that number is on the rise. 

1 in 3 Australian couples experience issues conceiving. 

Sperm is declining at a rate of 3.6% every year. By year 2045 men are predicted to have a sperm count of zero!

Fertility Facts: What you’re eating and doing now will affect your egg and sperm health in 3-4 months time. This is why fertility focused Naturopaths like me, recommend starting preconception care between 4-12 months before trying to conceive.

The health of you and your partner at conception will have a direct impact on the health of your baby.

BUT fertility focused Naturopaths like me are making fertility magic happen on the daily by biohacking the body using nutrition, lifestyle changes and tools that take a mind, body spirit approach and achieving amazing results.

I know you’ve heard the fertility struggles and IVF horror stories, and have thought, what if that’s going to be me? Or maybe you have already been trying for years without success.

Maybe you find yourself..


Just started on your preconception journey and you want to optimise your health.


Trying to concieve for a while and its taking longer than expected.  

Struggling with irregular cycles. 

Diagnosed with PCOS, Endometriosis or unexplained infertility.

Experiencing heartbreaking pregnancy loss.

Trying to balance your hormones after being on the pill for years.

Have gone through IUI, IVF or are considering IVF as your next step.

But you dont have to struggle with this on your own, I believe every woman deserves to feel like a Fertile Feminine. Here’s what my clients have experienced…


80 women’s cycle are now regular and they feel in tune with their body

38 women pregnant in the past 12 months

17 women have had successful IVF cycles

Whether you’re ready to conceive in the next three months or next three years, there is so much you can do to preserve and improve your fertility!

Beautiful woman, do you desire to..

- Feel empowered and trusting of your fertility journey

- Experience a regular and symptom free cycle

- Be equipped with knowledge and practical steps to enhance your fertility

- Confidently track ovulation accurately (and no its not OPK strips or apps)

- Know how to nourish your body to improve egg and sperm quality 

- Reclaim your feminine essence and feel radiant, safe, embodied and guided by your intuition to enhance your fertility

- Truly understand and trust your body to interpret what your symptoms are trying to tell you.



Are you ready to step into your power as a fertile woman, finally fall pregnant, maintain a pregnancy to full term and hold the baby of your dreams in your arms?

Then The fertile feminine program was created for you...


A 6 month program of deep support and transformation.

The fertile feminine will guide you on a journey of deep healing on a physical, emotional and energetic level. Into a feeling of empowerment within your radiant feminine fertile self, knowing what steps you need to take to support root cause healing on a cellular level to enhance your fertility.

Fertile feminine is mindfully divided into digestible modules over a 6 month period. We hold your hand on a journey from maiden to mother, guided through all root cause healing steps from preconception, into pregnancy and postpartum.

Each module consists of a deep dive educational segment alongside practical and somatic healing.

This program also includes tiered 1:1 support with our fertility specialist Naturopath who will help guide you and put a tailored plan in place for you.

Over 6 months you will be guided through my 5 pillars method for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum success. 

Here is what's included:

1:1 Support:

Your choice of 1 consultation or 6 consultations for support through the entire program with a fertility specialist Naturopath.

Over 6 months you will be guided through my 5 pillars method for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum success with a library of video content:

Identifying your root cause & fertile foundations

Learn how to understand and interpret your body's signs and symptoms on a deeper level. Optimal nutrition for fertility, a 4 week meal plan, restoring minerals, blood sugar balancing, from restriction to nutrient density. Key nutrients and supplements to support male and female fertility. Nervous system foundations. Optimal pathology for fertility.

Understanding our cycle and hormones

What hormones are important and how they impact fertility. The different phases of your cycle, how to identify what is optimal. How to accurately track and chart your cycle and ovulation. How to live in harmony with the moon cycles. How our thyroid impacts fertility and how to support it. Common causes of pregnancy loss and unexplained infertility. Understanding how to support PCOS and Endometriosis. How to improve male factor infertility. 

Our microbiome and detoxification

Learn why your digestive health, microbiome and vaginal microbiome are vital for fertility and preventing pregnancy loss. Testing recommendations for our microbiome. Toxicity and why detoxification improves sperm and egg quality. How to open drainage pathways and coffee enemas.

How to live a fertility friendly lifestyle

Why our nervous system impacts fertility and how to reduce your stress. Somatic and energetic practices to support your nervous system. Muscle testing to understand your bio-individual needs. Optimal exercise for fertility and biohacking sleep.

The Feminine

How to connect with your divine feminine essence and why this matters for fertility.  Come deeper into your body to experience greater healing, pleasure, joy and confidence. Develop sacred rituals, routines and self-care practices that nourish and nurture you, filling you up from within. Awaken your divine intuition so you can live your life guided by your inner voice. Guided womb and energy healing.  

Pregnancy and postpartum

Trimester specific nutrients, diet and supplements. Setting up your baby for good gut health. How to manage pregnancy symptoms. Preparing for the labour and birth you envision. Navigating the hospital system. Preparing for the 4th trimester and your postpartum period.

PLUS! Sisterhood and Community

Feel supported in a community of other like minded women, embarking on this journey together.

12 x LIVE group Q+A calls

6 x Monthly womans circles to ensure you feel held, seen and supported on a deeper level.

1:1 Support:

Your choice of 1 consultation or 6 consultations for support through the entire program. 



You receive 2 of my favourite prenatal supplements for FREE! Naturobest preconception multi and Eagle Omega-3 EPA DHA. 

Access to practitioner grade supplements and functional testing, pathology review by a fertility Naturopath Guided breathwork, fertility specific meditations and journal prompts.

By gaining access to this program...

You’ll have a curated, forever accessible LIBRARY of fertility tips and tricks as well as the step-by-step process that I’ve used to help hundreds of women improve their fertility, preserve their pregnancy potential and get pregnant!

Use it as a hormonal bible, for first or repeat pregnancies, and more.


An average round of IVF costs over $10,000, and after three rounds the success rate is only 45-53%.

You can’t afford NOT to take control of your fertility.

Let’s break down the cost of one round of IVF.

$1,121: medication to stimulate egg production and prevent ovulation

$2,410: five ultrasounds and blood tests at about $500 each

$1,195: surgical clinic fee

$445: anesthesia fee

$2,440: procedure fee for egg extraction

$2,100: embryo handling by embryologist

$1,600: assisted oocyte fertilisation

$1,950: embryo scope to test embryos

$1,650: biopsy on embryos for preimplantation genetic screening

$3,950: pre-implantation genetic screening

$1,800: freezer to store embryos for weeks while waiting for test results

Other costs not accounted for:

The emotional cost of the mood swings and hormonal acne

The discomfort of giving yourself the injections

The emotional turmoil that accompanies every step of the IVF cycle

The time going to and from appointments

The frustration with cycles not going the way you imagined

Our current live birth success rate is sitting at 68.9%! Our clients are recieving amazing results without the emotional and physical toll IUI or IVF have.

Meet Chelsea and Sam


Chelsea and Sam came to me after struggling to conceive for over 12 months, they had experienced pregnancy loss and felt confused and worried about what to do in order to successfully conceive and maintain a pregnancy to full term. Chelsea was experiencing issues with an underactive thyroid and insulin resistance. Sam's semen analysis was not optimal. After 3 months of working on their health using my fertility method, they successfully conceived and she is now in her second trimester! This was such an emotional journey for them and they could not believe how much of an impact they felt in their overall health such as reduced stress and anxiety, sleeping better and more energy which quickly led to a healthy pregnancy. 

The Fertile Feminine

Is the natural, sustainable, and empowering alternative to the emotional + financial cost of fertility treatments.

Instead of spending over $10,000 on just one round of IVF, you can get all of the knowledge and tools you need for ONLY $1997 or 6 monthly payments of $366!


6 x 1 hour monthly consultations with our fertility Naturopath for deep individualised support.

In addition to all other resources and support provided above.

This is an amazing option for those who truly want to empower themselves with knowledge but also have an experienced practitioner create a very tailored treatment plan. 

Ideal for anyone who feels their fertility may be more complex or 

$3495 or 6x monthly payments of $640.

You will learn:

  • Common causes of infertility and miscarraige. 

  • The optimal time to conceive and tracking your menstrual cycle.

  • How to improve your egg quality and boost female fertility.

Register FREE!
Monday 10th July - 7:30pm AEST

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Hi, Im Alysha,

A leading Fertility Naturopath and mumma to one. My clients come to see me because they are sick of having hormonal imbalances, irregular cycles, and struggling to fall pregnant. Since 2018 I have worked with hundreds of women just like you to heal their reproductive health and conceive a healthy baby.

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