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Hi there, thanks for stopping by..

My name is Alysha, I'm a mama to one, clinical naturopath and member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association. My clinical focus is on helping women heal their reproductive health. I am passionate about helping women through their fertility, pregnancy and postnatal journey because I too experienced my own struggles through pregnancy and the postpartum period.


My symptoms ranged from nausea, full body swelling and fatigue to postpartum anxiety and hormonal imbalances. Motherhood really hit me like a ton of bricks but thankfully with functional testing, nutrition, herbal medicine and some energetic healing, I was able to heal so I know what it takes to get well again. 

In what feels like a former life now (pre baby), I also experienced and healed from something called Breast Implant Illness. BII was the catalyst for my career into natural health. 


My clients come to me because they are sick of having irregular cycles, painful periods, hormonal imbalance, experiencing pregnancy loss or struggling to fall pregnant at all. I help you put a plan in place so that you can stop trying to figure it all out on your own. Since 2018 I have helped hundreds of women heal their reproductive system, successfully conceive a healthy baby and maintain a full term pregnancy.

Outside of clinic hours you can find me spending time with my family,  cooking wholesome meals and growing my own food and plant medicine.

Clinical Focus

  • Preconception + fertility 

  • Recurrent miscarriage 

  • Pregnancy  

  • IVF support 

  • Postnatal - depletion, anxiety, depression, thyroid 

  • Hormone imbalances  


Hi, Im Jade,

A clinical naturopath with a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in naturopathic medicine and is a member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association. I am passionate about both men & women’s health to achieve a healthy conception and support on your fertility journey.

I’m also a big advocate for functional testing which allows more targeted treatments, specific to each individual’s needs.  

Having experienced polycystic ovarian syndrome & chronic staphylococcus infection myself, I know first hand how debilitating it can feel to experience issues with your reproductive health. That's why I am so passionate about the reproductive and fertility work I do and why so many of my clients achieve results like regular cycles, balanced hormones and successful pregnancies. 

I come with years of experience supporting women with preconception care, hormone imbalances, gut health, skin issues, mental health, vaginal health & reproductive support.

I am also passionate about education and passing my knowledge onto clients. Understanding your own body is a lost gift.  I love to help women step into their power and to take control of their own health journey.

When not working, you will more than likely find me at my local farmer’s market, frolicking at the beach with my dog or having beach picnics with my closest friends.

Clinical Focus

·       Fertility: Preconception, Pregnancy, Post-partum

·       Men’s preconception health

·       Women’s health

·       Gut Health


·       Gut Microbiome Stool Test

·       DUTCH Hormone Panel

·       Vaginal Microbiome Profile

·       Heavy Metals Hair Test

·       General Blood Pathology

·       DNA Testing

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